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The Hotel Laimer Hof is a Munich establishment with a long history. Built in 1890, and today a historic landmark of the City of Munich, the hotel ranks among the most storied houses in Nymphenburg.


Ludwig Hippmann

The Laimer Hof was built by local businessman Ludwig Hippmann. Hippmann was originally a stove mason but went on to invest and speculate on property in the Laim district. He built most of what is in the street and it was named the “Hippmannstrasse” in 1900. In 1886 building started and in 1890 he received the concession for the “Laimer Hof” as an Inn. The building is listed and has the number D-1-62-000-3730 as “Neurenaissance, mit Türmchen, Ende 19. Jahrhundert”.

Ludwig Hippmann 1846-1901

Ludwig Hippmann 1846-1901


Chronological list of Inkeepers 1890-1920

Hippmann Ludwig1890-1891
Achhammer Joseph1891-1895
Stadler Wolfgang1895-1902
Praml Josef1902-1909
Mittringer Jakob1910-1920
Weissmüller Anna1920


Gasthof Reichel-Nymphenburg

In 1920, the building was purchased by Josef Reichel who opened a restaurant complete with a timber bowling alley.

At the time, Josef Reichel lived in the house with his family, and the attached barn housed a cow and a horse.

Street view of Laimer Str 40 in the 1930 under Josef Reichel.

Street view of Laimer Str 40 in the 1930s. © Geschichtswerkstatt Neuhausen e. V.


40 Laimer Street is remodeled

Remodelling of the house located at 40 Laimer Street began in 1934: the first guest rooms turned the building into a small hotel.

Since the remodel, the house also contained the first asphalt bowling alley in Munich, and thus became a favourite gathering place for Munich’s bowling enthusiasts.

Over time, more and more bowling competitions, weddings, and anniversaries were celebrated at the Laimer Hof.

Fortunately, the landmark-protected, Jugendstil (art nouveau) villa survived WWII unscathed.

Gasthof Reichel-Nymphenburg picture of the inside

Inside the Gasthof Reichel-Nymphenburg. © Geschichtswerkstatt Neuhausen e. V.

The Reichel family continued to operate the Laimer Hof up to the third generation of Reichels, and in 1985, began the complete remodel of the exterior façade. Additional guest rooms were constructed, and other expansions of the interior were completed. In 1989, the restaurant was closed so that the family Reichel could concentrate on the operation of the hotel.


The Rösch family takes the reins at Laimer Hof

Following the sudden death of Josef Reichel’s grandson, the young couple, Sebastian Rösch and Alexandra Damm took over the Hotel Laimer Hof. At this juncture, the young hoteliers had already completed their studies at the first-class hospitality management school, “École Hotelière” in Strasbourg, and had also acquired significant hotel operations experience. They coupled their high level of professionalism with a large dose of hospitality and geniality — and so continued the traditions established by the founders. Today, the now married couple personally greets their guests upon arrival and provides 5-star service.

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