In the footsteps of the Wittelsbach Dynasty at the Nymphenburg Palace

The Nypmphenburg Palace is in walking distance from the Hotel Laimer Hof – it is so beautiful that more than 300,000 people a year cover much greater distances to see the impressive baroque masterpiece in person. Walk in the footsteps of the Wittelsbach family through the hall of mirrors and the fountains of the garden, and discover priceless artefacts in the museums housed in the Nymphenburg Palace.

A palace as a gift

Wouldn’t that be something: to get a palace as a gift! But this incredible gift was actually bestowed upon someone. Nobleman (Prince-elector) Ferdinand Maria was so delighted that his wife, Adelheid of Savoy gave birth to a son – the long awaited heir to the throne Max Emanuel – that he ordered the construction of the palace as a gift for her in 1664.

Originally designed in the baroque style by Agostino Barelli, the palace was later changed to the rococo and classicistic style. The construction of the turret, at the time celebrated as an architectural sensation and masterpiece, was ordered by the prince elector Max Albrecht, the son of Max Emanuel.

Grand exterior grounds of the Nymphenburg Palace

The journey to the Munich of the royal family begins long before the entrance to the royal residence: two boulevards, separated by the Nymphenburg canal, lead the way to the entry. In the summer, majestic swans swim on the canal, and in the winter, it is transformed into an ice rink. The closer you get to the palace along these boulevards, the more of the 500 meter façade of the baroque building slowly comes into view.

The impressive interior of the Nymphenburg Palace

As soon as you enter the palace, you are surrounded by the feel of royal luxury. The most renowned artists of the time, painters, sculptors, and plasterers, worked on the interior of the Nymphenburg Palace and transformed it into a true masterpiece. There are countless rooms and salons in the palace – one of the most impressive rooms is the three-story “Steinerne Saal” (stone room) which was the birthplace of King Ludwig II.

A fairytale garden for the lady of the house

Revolution was in the air – and not just in France: in 1792, in light of the events during the French revolution, Prince elector Karl Theodor opened “his” Nymphenburg Palace grounds to the people. This was a strategic move to avoid similar circumstances in his city. And so all subjects had immediate access to the fairytale palace grounds.

Back then, just as today, visitors were thrilled by the park installation, which follows the rigid guidelines of the French style in design, and begins just below the massive open stairway. The area, 229 hectares in total, also includes an English landscape park complete with small canals, creeks, bridges, cascades, small ponds, and figurines. Hidden in the greenery, visitors can discover small castles and pleasure palaces. Finding these fairytale buildings is worth the effort — once you discover the Apollotempel or the Pagodenburg, you will know why.

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