The history of the “pleasure of driving”

BMW Museum

Experience the “pleasure of driving” in the BMW Museum, a historical retrospective on the beginnings of the Bayerische Motoren Werke, right up to the development of today’s most advanced cars.

The BMW Museum, opened in 1973, offers visitors a broad overview of the history of the Bayerische Motoren Werke – this is what the abbreviation BMW stands for. In the immediate vicinity of the BMW Museum is The BMW Welt: A combined exhibition, museum, and amusement venue, which is the link between customers, visitors, and the car brand.

In the BMW museum itself, visitors can admire more than 125 original exhibits around the topic of mobility. On approximately 5,000 square meters, divided into in 26 permanent focal points and seven exhibition halls, a unique blend of history, technology, and experienced world is created.

Each of the exhibition halls deals with a specific theme, such as the historical development of the company or the complex design processes that lie behind each of the BMW vehicles. For motor sports fans, there is a private exhibition space, and also for motorcycle enthusiasts.

BMW Welt

Experience the “pleasure of driving” close-up at the BMW Welt.

In addition to the exciting museum, the BMW Welt offers plenty of other highlights, such as restaurants and shops – so the whole family can spend a day together, full of memorable experiences around the theme of “driving pleasure”.

BMW offers purchasers of new vehicles a special treat. These can be picked up at the event and delivery center at the BMW Welt. In addition, a vehicle is not simply handed over to its new owner: the handing over of the new car to the buyer is quite a memorable event – an experience that one should treat oneself to!

After an exciting day at the BMW Museum you car return to Laimer Hof Hotel comfortably via the public transport network – or in your brand new BMW. We look forward to your visit and welcome you warmly and personally on arrival. Enjoy the first-class service in our house!